SPAX 6mm x 100mm Adjusting Screws T30 (100)

SPAX 6mm x 100mm Adjusting Screws T30 (100)


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SPAX 6mm x 100mm Adjusting Screws T30 (100)

The SPAX adjusting screws are the ideal helpers for all wood to wood connections where levelling is required. This is made possible by the retaining grooves below the screw head, which grip
into the wood of the component during the adjustment process
to ensure secure assembly with millimeter precision. Thanks to
its WIROX coating, the screw can be used both indoors and in
outdoor areas without direct exposure to the weather

Product benefits:

  • Time-saving: fast and easy installation since shimming with
    wedges is no longer required*
  • Fastening with low edge clearances possible – prevents
    splitting thanks to 4CUT and thread serrations
  • Simple further processing – thanks to the flat head, the
    wood fibres are pulled downwards, enabling the seamless
    positioning of the next component (e.g. plasterboard)
  • No pre-drilling required in softwood
  • Fast gripping of the screw due to thread up to the screw tip





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