Josco Polishing Compound Sampler

Josco Polishing Compound Sampler


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The Josco Polishing Compound Sampler set is ideal for trialing a range of compounds in different applications and allows the user to test different compound-buff combinations to deliver optimal results.

For best results, use Josco’s wide range of polishing buffs.
Avoid using different compounds on the same buff.

FASTCUT: Scratch removal; use with Stitched Sisal buffs
TRIPOLI: Surface Blending and multi-purpose; use with Stitched rag buffs
SSX: Polishing stainless steel, copper and brass; use with Calico buff
SS: Polishing Aluminum and Alloys; use with Calico buffs
MULTISHINE: Polishing plastics, silver and gold; use with Calico buffs




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